Our life is like a mathematical equation we need to do the trial and error process to find the perfect match and to make the equation right.



By reading this line. An idea came up on my mind. 

My anxiety bounces like Tigger, happily and sad. I am an eeyore who’s searching for his tail, but too dumb to discover.  Ctto~

I am like Christopher Robin, having hallucinations that we could be together. 

I am afraid like piglet,  who fears everything, like you living me in despair.

I am so obsessive like rabbit, that even in our relationship, I wanted to be perfectly square. 

I may cause trouble like Tigger, but I can be clever like Owl. 

and I am Winnie the Pooh, that you can hug all the time


Alphabet of Confusion 


I thought I’m free 


In every “what if’s”,


That I’m deeming every night.


I guess I’m wrong on how I feel.


But, why can’t I let go?


How did I’ve gone this far?


Can’t escape on our so called you and me


When will this thoughts let me free?



Within each sole thing one apparent and latent feature could be unveiled.

There are certain things which turns out into something we’ve never expected it to be. 

FireFire consumes, warms,  and illuminates,  but can also bring pain and death.

RoseThere is beauty and darkness in everything. Sorrow in joy. Life in death. Thorns on the rose. 

Life is like a flamming rose, the rose symbolizes you as a person and your life, and the fire symbolizes the struggle that such a beautiful and wonderful rose is being put through. 

We are like beautiful roses that don’t turn into ashes easily because we are stronger in all obstacles that comes in our way. That we can surpass each challenges in our life. 

But in another point of view. It can also mean that a beautiful part of your past is being burned and is time now to sweep up the ashes and move on, and you can only know that it is important or how beautiful it was when it’s gone. 

What a Beautiful Disaster. 

Do not watch the petals fall from the rose with sadness,  know that, like life, things sometimes must fade before they can bloom again. ~anonymous 

By: Mikaella Manalo 

Credits: Maryjune Elep, Czarina Baoy.